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At the shaded shallows of the ever growing lake the once shadow child now turned monster merfolk was sitting there, looking at his reflection and at times the mess at the bottom of the lake that the parasite demon fish inside of him had done. There were tears streaming down his face. From pain of the now completed transformation as well from the sights he had saw when the demon had taken a hold of him. 

This was much worse then the last time. And last time the demon didn’t even manage to change his body completely before he was in a way saved.  Thinking about it perhaps the reason why it was faster to transform this time was perhaps the previous interaction. Gyorg knew his weaknesses this time around and used those weaknesses to keep the shadow under control.  Shadow let out a slight growl and slapped the tail against the the water out of anger and then sighed.

"Guess you got what you want this time around. To make a monster out of me." He muttered to himself."All for some stupid game your god enjoys ta do."

The demon’s voice echoed back in his mind. “You’re welcome dear little shadow. I could of just left in the little mental prison„„, but what fun would that be?” It chuckled. “Its much more fun letting you free and then ripping the reins right out of your grasp when you least expect it. ….especially when its a painful way. Like this…” As he said that, the demon let out a shot of pain through the shadow’s body.

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!" Shadow screeched out loud as he clutched onto his head out of a pained reaction. As the pain calmed down, he slumped over and slinked back into the water, hoping the warm water would help lessen the current pain the demon caused him.


Anonymous asked:

What would you do if a baby dragon mistook you for it's mother?



"I’d raise it as my own. Why not? Always nice to take in whatever’s dragon around.”

//groans loudly in the bg//

HELL YEAH! YOU GO THERE MISS! Raise it to be the majestic loyal buddy it can be.

painted-hero asked:

A golden bee comes flying straight for Shadow, zipping about the boy's head frantically.



Just stares and tries to shoo the bee away. “No. Stop. Go sting something that would really hate it. It ain’t gonna hurt me bee.”

Trick? It seemed likely for a shadow to do that, but this is the most he’s actually talked to a shadow. Most of them didn’t bother saying a word. “I’m not afraid of them.” No, he was rather curious about them, actually. Maybe he can learn more about them from this one, despite his difference in appearance. Though it made him wonder, were there different kinds of shadows? The thought was pushed to the back of his mind for now after what Shadow had called Ravio.

"He’s not a coward." Link never saw him as one. After finding out the truth behind his actions, he found it to be a very brave act. Even if Ravio himself didn’t realize it himself. "He’s a friend of mine, but I haven’t seen him for a while." The young hero puts his net away, having no need for it anymore. His little bee friend was behaving itself by still flying besides him. Once it was put away, he thought about the concept of light counterparts. It made him think of how both Hyrule and Lorule have similar looking people, but their personalities were opposite from each other. "I never thought of it that way. That must mean you’re from a different world, huh?"

"You hero’s seem ta be the only few not to be scare of my kind then." He muttered."Well they are jumpy."

Shadow simply nodded to the last thing. “In a way yes. Just its a shadow of the world light.”

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