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Oh…Hi there, I didn’t quite see you, well… being a shadow and all. You know you remind me of Link is it possible that you could be Link’s shadow hehe? Well, it does appear that my shadow seem’s to like you so you must be Link’s shadow. I don’t mean to be rude or anything but…

I’m actually on my way to Link himself, he’s not feeling very well, would you happen to know which direction he is?

It is very nice to meet you though ^-^

I would of felt insulted at that first comment…but you seem to be nice.*smiles faintly* I am A Link’s shadow…well four differently colored Links. *looks at the Zelda’s shadow and waves back* 

Sadly im not your links shadow and i hadn’t seen your link. ….though uhh…..*bites his lips for a second since this isn’t something he does often but she is a kid in need of help so there wasn’t much of a choice that and the Zelda from his timeline would of been disappointed of his actions on ignoring a ancestor or decedent* If you need some help i could maybe ask the other shadow versions of Links to find the one your looking for if you havn’t talked to any of them yet. Or follow you in the shadows for a bit till you find well a light worlder.

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